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Offering a Loyal and Loving Experience for You and Your Pet

We understand that it may be challenging to find a company that you can trust to meet you and your pet’s needs, especially because almost everyone is making the same claims and promises. At Potomac Pet Re-Treat, we can provide you with superior services that will help you realize what you have been missing.


What We Offer

Serving clients in Montgomery County, our team prioritizes you and your pet’s satisfaction. We pay close attention to your needs and preferences and have refined a system that will address your pet’s necessities and provide excellent customer service.

  • Daily Dog Walking
  • Dog Day Care
  • In-Home Visit for All Pets
  • In-Home Overnight House and Pet Sitting

About Us

We have a spotless reputation in pet care. Our staff continues to provide top-quality service to our clients. After being a part of the areas leading pet care providers for more than 10 years, we were able to use our experience to perfect our services and standard of care to better serve our customers.

Reach Out to Us

Our staff is here to ensure you and your pet’s happiness. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today, and we will show you how we strive
for perfection.



Daily Dog Walking

In Home Visits for All Pets

Doggy Daycare

In Home Overnight House & Pet Sitting